As a health care facility, infection control is of the highest importance to us.
Being a modern and safe dental practice, CAMPUS DENTAL strictly adheres to recommended infection control protocols based upon guidelines set  by the Australian Dental Association
Our infection control protocols include:
Infection control management
Sharps management
Glove, mask and bib management
Potentially contaminated spills management
Accidental injury and reporting
Pre- and post- procedure, daily, and weekly cleaning
Sterilizing room management
Sterilization of instruments/equipment at Australian standards
Use of chemical agents
Vaccination Policy
Each member of our team receives supervised training in all protocols and procedures and adheres to these protocols at all times. In-service training to update infection control protocols and procedures is provided.
Our equipment and surgery environment is regularly maintained to the highest standards. We go above and beyond guidelines by tracking the sterilization of our instruments used in each and every procedure.
Our infection control protocols ensure the highest level of safety for our patients, our visitors and our team alike.

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